In the Studio – Jan 2020

We are blessed to have our own recording studio and even more blessed to have Spike on the team. Spike has been our studio engineer and producer since our Wait album released in 2011. Of course Spike is also our Bass player so a significant contributor to our project.

This Piano part was tracked relatively early in the process of recording this song Isaiah 53, with very little other parts besides Matt’s scratch vocal (a placeholder vocal part recorded right at the start of the production process) and some basic percussion parts. The flowing piano arpeggios of the chorus section were initially an ‘off the cuff idea’, but with a bit of hard work eventually became a defining element of the song. In this video Spike and Daniel are hammering out the finer details, and throughout the session (off camera) Matt was communicating his bigger picture vision for the song as a whole. Having Daniel record the piano part in our studio control room with a keyboard controller makes this three way collaboration much easier.

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