Melbourne Concert to follow the journey from the Babylonian exile to spiritual revival.

From Captivity to Revival

Sons of Korah will be playing a sequence of psalms, together with other spoken texts, that will take us on a journey through the faith-defining episode in the history of Israel in the Old Testament: The Babylonian captivity. In 586BC the Babylonian forces decimated the small Jewish nation reducing Jerusalem and its temple to rubble. The traumatised survivors of the ensuing bloodbath were taken into exile and resettled by ‘the rivers of Babylon.’ Here they were expected to resettle, forgetting their homeland and their God who had apparently abandoned them. But God had not abandoned them. He had been speaking to them through his prophets the whole time. Now at last they began to listen, and they began to seek God in their confusion and grief. And God answered with some of the most remarkable heavenly visions contained in the whole bible. During this time the Psalms became the songs and prayers of national revival and, from hereon, were seen as containing the keys to spiritual awakening. In this live concert event Sons of Korah will retrace the journey of the exiles, in the words of the psalms, from cries of anguish and penitence to revived faith and renewed joy. This event will not only engage audiences musically but promises to refresh those in need of spiritual renewal.  We encourage you to join us for this unique concert event and experience the power and passion of the biblical psalms.

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