New Album Launch Concert announced for Melbourne – March 25th.

Introducing our new studio album Fractures – ships from February 20th.

The Sons of Korah project is about interpreting the psalms through music and this new collection adds to a long and varied repertoire that has taken us 20 years to build. Keep an eye on our website for release from February 20th.

Of course, we cannot continue to do this work without the support of a very engaged audience who appreciate the importance of what we are trying to do. Thank you.

I called this album ‘Fractures’ following a line in Psalm 60 which features on this album. The ambient lament is possibly my favorite of this new collection of Psalms. It is a reminder that the Psalms are firmly grounded in the realities of life and give abundant expression to the tensions and hardships of being broken people in a broken world. The album as a whole contains the usual mixture of dark and light. We deliberately try to create this mixture of moods to represent the Psalter as a whole. We try to amplify the emotions being expressed in each psalm, not dampen them. In some cases this makes our compositions confronting but only because the psalms themselves often lie in tension with our idealistic tendencies. There is great joy in the psalms and this comes through on this recording. Psalm 16, 34 and 134 are expressions of both reflective and jubilant joy. But the psalms are most valuable for helping us see the process by which we attain joy; a process of honest, sometimes shockingly honest, expression. And then there’s the bloodshed. The psalms are filled with the language of warfare, an inevitable part of life in a conflicted world. To me these psalms speak powerfully to a spiritual battle whose stakes seem to intensify the closer we get to the return of Christ. Psalm 68 is one of the most powerful of all the battle psalms and we have given this one lots of space, not to mention intensity. We have recorded Psalm 68 over 5 tracks and my personal favourite moment is the vehement cry: “summon your power, summon your power, show us strength as you’ve done before!”

We trust you will be deeply blessed by this new musical offering.

We’d love to see you at our launch concert for Fractures on Saturday March 25th and Stairway Church in Melbourne. Tickets are available now from our website MJ.

Here’s a sneak peek at Psalm 16.

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