Psalm 14

Psalm 14 is a lament over the unbelief, the evil and the injustice in the world. David who writes the psalm is lamenting, it seems, even on behalf of God as he reflects on the divine perspective. God looks down and sees only evil in the world. The wording of the psalm is possibly intended to remind us of the description of the world in Genesis 6:5, 6. It is therefore a psalm that also anticipates judgment. David sees evil doers ultimately overwhelmed with dread at the fate they have chosen for themselves. For though the strong may win now yet God will ultimately be faithful to his people who are being devoured by evil oppressors. The declaration of this truth leads then to the cry that God would speed his vindication for his people. The cry, ‘Oh that salvation would come out of Zion’ is the climax of the psalm then. This is what he really wants to see. The rest of the psalm consists of declarations that support the appeal of and lend fervor to the request of this psalm.

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