Psalm 148

Psalm 148 bids everything that exists to praise God. But how can inanimate objects like trees and mountains and stars praise God? They do so not by word but by virtue of what they are. Their very existence bears testimony to the awesome power of God who made them. This is the true way to praise God, not just by word but by the mode of one’s existence. Christians embody in themselves the greatest act of God ‘ redemption through Christ. Their song of redemption must not just be on their lips but in their character. God has set apart a people to reflect not only his creative power (as nature and the universe does) but his own loving and holy character ‘ this is the way we must praise God. Not even the Universe with all its solar systems can reflect this central aspect of the character of God. This is why he has created human beings ‘ to reflect his image and to be a testimony of praise to his grace and love.

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