Psalm 16

Psalm 16 is a song of trust and devotion to God. The psalmist declares his devotion to God but also to God’s people (vs.3). Whilst those who trust in God will see the faithfulness of God, those who trust in idols will only ever end up disappointed. Trusting in anything more than God only leads to greater sorrow (vs.4). The psalmist rejoices in the lot that God has assigned to him (vs.5-6). This is expressed in language that reminds us of the division and allotment of the promised land to the people of Israel in the time of Joshua. The psalmist declares his joy and contentment in what God has given to him by grace; this being opposite attitude to the spirit of covetousness that the tenth commandment warns against. He praises God for constant counsel; even through the night he recognizes God’s voice instructing him and leading him (vs.7). This is a psalm that expresses the joy of relationship with God that extends far beyond this mortal life (vs.10). Peter quotes from this psalm at length in his speech on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:25ff). He sees David prophetically playing the part of the future Messiah predicting his resurrection from the dead. And of course, because Christ was raised, we too can sing this psalm with assurance that this life is not the end but just the beginning of an eternity in which we will be filled with joy in the presence of God (vs.11).

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