Psalm 37

Psalm 37 is a wisdom psalm very much in line with the type of writing present in Proverbs. Like Proverbs there is no strict development of any one single thought here though the main topic is perhaps the idea of recompense. This psalm, in the original, is an acrostic poem (i.e. each stanza begins with a different letter of the alphabet in order). This type of literary device was used particularly for instructional purposes to enable students to easily memorise the words of the psalm. The psalm, in classic wisdom literary fashion, outlines the two ways that God sets before people: the way of the wicked and the fools on the one hand, and the way of the righteous and the wise on the other. Though the wicked may prosper for a while their road is one of destruction. The psalm warns against greed, malice and ungodliness pointing out that those who give themselves over to these things will come to a terrible end. On the other hand the advice of the psalm is simple though beautiful and alluring in its simplicity. The righteous are to trust in God and simply enjoy what he gives to them. But most of all they are to delight in, and enjoy God. To delight in God is the same as glorifying God and it is also to enjoy God with all one’s being. The greatest compliment that I can pay to a person is to tell them that I sincerely enjoy their company. So too the most profound act of worship is this: to enjoy God and to delight in God and so to have the capacity to be a vessel for the glorification of God. This principle embodies the essence of biblical spirituality. It is to enjoy God: to read scripture to enjoy God; to pray to enjoy God; to serve God to be able to see him at work in and through our lives and to live a holy life to be close to God.

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