Psalm 97

God is in charge. Whatever is happening, however chaotic, however terrible, God will work in and through everything and finally make everything right. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that can thwart God’s will.
This is a psalm of reverent praise. It does not narrate any specific reason other than who God is. The dominant note of the psalm is that of the awesome greatness of God. It is clearly a summons to “rejoice with trembling” (Psalm 2:11), that is, to rejoice in the incomprehensible greatness of God. This theme is expressed in image of God being surrounded by darkness. In other words, his infinite greatness is shrouded in mystery. The imagery of clouds and fire are well attested in the bible as ways in which God’s presence was signified (Exodus 3:3; 13:21-22; 19:9, 16; 24:15-17; Acts 2:3). There was always a combination of fear and great comfort associated with these images. God’s greatness inspired a sobering awe in his people and also assured them that their God was greater than any obstacle or threat that might come against them. It was not a power that was against them but a power that was for them. As we reflect on the fact that, through Jesus Christ, the fire of the Holy Spirit rests on each one of us, we too can declare that “the one who is in us is greater than the one who is in the world” (1 John 4:4).
Psalm 97 is a solemn confession of faith in the unstoppable power of God and the absolute security of those who belong to him. Whatever may come, whatever obstacles and opposition, it cannot thwart was God is doing in and through his people. In the face of despair, when the road seems blocked and when opposition seems be overwhelming, this confession connects us with the most important truth in the universe: God is sovereign and he will do what is right. Those who stand against him will fall and those who walk with him will triumph in every way.

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