Psalm 99

Psalm 99 picks up a theme that was important to the Jews particularly during and after the Babylonian exile (586-537 BC). It speak about God’s sovereignty over all the nations. In this period the Jews were a very small and seemingly insignificant people group in the midst of vast and powerful empires at war with one another. But it was in this period that they also received prophecies about their place in world events. They were reminded at this time that their God was not just a local deity as with the various gods of the ancient world. Rather their God is the God who is sovereign over the nations and draws all history toward his own ends. And though they suffered great abuse and persecution as a nation yet their God who is just would one day vindicate them. This is the theme that is expressed in Psalm 99. It calls all nations to tremble before the God who will call them to account on the day of his just judgement. This was an important confession for the Jews and it was encapsulated vividly in this psalm.

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