2021 – Our first new release in over 3 years – Psalm 88a


As we begin 2021, after over 25 years working on our Psalms project, we’re going to take a different approach to releasing our new music. Our last album Fractures was a project that took over 6 months to complete – from start to finish. Now with our Supporters APP, we’re going to release tracks as we complete them – one at a time – until we have assembled our next ‘album’.

This means those who have a quarterly paid subscription as an APP Supporter will have access to these new tracks as soon as they are completed, as each track is released. Over the year we expect to complete another collection of songs which will be drawn together on our new album Man of Sorrows. The first of these new Psalms to be released is part A of Psalm 88.

If you’re not an APP Subscriber here’s a sample of our new music for Psalm 88a.

Psalm 88 is a moving lament that expresses the heart of the biblical faith. In the darkness of loss and grief the psalmist turns to God in a prayer that shows the intimacy and boldness of biblical faith. It is psalms like this that encourage us to keep holding onto God when everything seems hopeless. The road through hardship has been well trod by God’s people and it is often in these dark places that faith is made and proved.

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