30th Anniversary Concert Event

We’re celebrating 30 years of setting the Psalms to music with a special Anniversary Concert event in Melbourne this July. We’re gearing up for a concert event that promises to be truly unforgettable. For the very first time in our history, we will be featuring an 8-piece live string section at this special concert along … Continued

Psalm 16


We begin recording our 10th Studio Album

Well, the fun begins again as we start the process of recording for our 10th studio album. Matt and the crew – mostly Spike at this stage – have been working through various concepts and we’ve begun recording work for Psalms 103 and 13. Like our Man of Sorrows album, tracks will be released for … Continued

Psalm 131 re-released as part of Re-Collection Album

As we began the process of writing and recording for our next studio album, we’re also going to work on a side project. Matt has often thought that some of our older Psalm renditions would suit some alternative arrangements and production, given all we’ve learned over the past 25 years. In particular, we wanted to … Continued

Behind the Scenes filming video for Psalm 139

Back in 2022, we had the opportunity to film a new collection of live videos, in an amazing old building at the renowned Geelong College, in our home town Geelong. The building is the dining hall for the senior school, opened by the Governor-General, Lord Stonehaven (1874-1941) on ‘Old Boys’ Day, 21 March 1930. With … Continued

Psalm 130 (2023)


Psalm 19 – LIVE

Filmed during our streamed concert in 2020 (in the midst of the pandemic) Psalm 19 is one of our favourites in the way it demonstrates the way we use ‘movements’ within our musical interpretations to serve the Psalm text. Featuring an opening instrumental solo from our multi-instrumentalist Mike Follent, there are two distinct musical ‘movements’ … Continued

Writing as we play live

Although most of our songs are written in the studio (or at least take their form there) part of our creative process over the years has also been to develop additional parts that add colour, during our live performances. We’ll often ‘road-test’ a song before we put down the final recording. While we do spend … Continued

Psalm 92a


Studio Sessions – Psalm 103

We’ve started work on our next studio album with initial writing sessions in the studio for Psalm 13 and Psalm 103. As always Spike (our producer and bass player) works with Matt to take these raw ideas and then build them into a full musical interpretation of the Psalm. It’s always amazing to watch how … Continued

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