The Narrative

Psalm 88b released as we continue to build our new album

FULL TRACK AVAILABLE THROUGH OUR APP FOR SUBSCRIBERS FROM MAY 1ST 2021 After more than 25 years working on our Psalms project, we’ve taken a different approach to releasing our new music. Now with our Supporters APP, we’re going to release tracks as we complete them – one at a time – until we have … Continued

A brief history – 1998

Matthew Jacoby – Founder Leader In 1998, with Jason temporarily back in the band, we decided to record a proper studio album. We got a cheap deal with a new recording studio in town and prepared to record our strange collection of Psalms. I marked the sessions in my diary: three days for recording, mainly … Continued

Psalm 127

Mel Lawrenz – Interview 2018

The 150 psalms found in God’s Word encompass the gamut of human experience – joy and pain, sin and forgiveness, despair and praise. With their unique, acoustic and multi-ethnic sound, Australia-based Sons of Korah offer an intriguing re-creation of the musical drama of the psalms. In 2018, Mel Lawrenz (from the Brook Network spoke … Continued

2021 – Our first new release in over 3 years – Psalm 88a

FULL TRACK AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY THROUGH OUR APP FOR SUBSCRIBERS FROM FEB. 1ST 2021 As we begin 2021, after over 25 years working on our Psalms project, we’re going to take a different approach to releasing our new music. Our last album Fractures was a project that took over 6 months to complete – from start … Continued

Psalm 88

Psalm 88 is often referred to as ‘the psalm of darkness’ because it appears to lack any ray of light. Many other lament psalms end with songs of celebration as faith rises up to take hold of God. Not so in this psalm. On the contrary the psalmist says, towards the end of the psalm, … Continued

A brief history – 1997

Matthew Jacoby – Founder/Leader In some ways I feel like the proper beginning of the band was 1997, because up to this point, everything was so casual and undefined. It seems that we spent the first few years waiting to start but not knowing how. By this time Jason had decided to go his own … Continued


Psalm 80

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