Compilation from our Man of Sorrows album

If you’re not an in-app subscriber, we thought you might like to hear a compilation of samples from our new album Man of Sorrows.
We’ve now released 7 tracks from Man of Sorrows, with 3 more in the process of being written and recorded at present.

It’s been great to record our album this way, releasing each track as we get it finished, for subscribers in our App. Once we have the full album completed, 2 or 3 of these tracks will be available on the usual music streaming platforms and we’ll consider whether we manufacture CD’s. (Remember those things . . . ?)

Of course the best way to support our ministry and get access to everything as soon as we make it available is through a subscription within this App. If you just click on any of the tracks on any album that you can’t access for free, it will take you to a screen where you can sign up for a quarterly subscription within your app-store. We certainly appreciate your support.

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