Liz Young & SOK Collab

Liz Young is a great friend of Sons of Korah. After years of passionately following our music as a fan, Liz was thrilled with the opportunity of joining us in concert for the first time in 2015 and we were equally thrilled with the depth and emotion her playing brought to those concerts. It’s been such a privilege to collaborate with this incredibly talented violinist. Liz brings a unique dimension to the band’s live performances (when we’ve had her join us) and her impressive musical ability is matched only by her dedication and professionalism, making her a true pleasure to work with.

Taking advantage of having Liz visit our hometown of Geelong in 2022, we invited her to collaborate with us on recording Psalm 119Nun. Here you can see Liz performing, not in the usual studio space of The Dirtroom, but in the foyer above. In this larger space Spike (our producer and bass player) was able to capture a much richer and more vibrant recording of Liz’s violin, by giving the sound more space in which to develop. All the sunlight streaming in through the windows was a great benefit too! Liz’s ability to weave in and out of our melodies with effortless grace and precision has added a beautiful and haunting quality to our music.

Her intricate accompaniments showcase her incredible musical talent and have added depth and complexity on the times that she’s been able to join us for some of our live performances.

Liz Young is an incredible talent and a good friend of Sons of Korah. Her passion for music and dedication to her craft make her a joy to work with.

Liz is an accomplished artist in her own right. I’d encourage you to check out Liz’s work here:

Matt Jacoby.

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