Psalm 115 – next Psalm for our Man of Sorrows album.

Here’s a sample from the next Psalm for our new album Man of Sorrows, which we continue to build through our App. In this way we can release new songs as they are completed. (The full track is available to App subscribers)

Psalm 115. In the midst of a world hostile to the exclusivist claims of the God of Israel, the psalmist declares the pre-eminence of Yahweh. He longs to see Yahweh glorified above the many false gods and false claims of the surrounding nations. The vision of this psalm is that, as God blesses his people, his glory will shine through them. The appeal is one that is often repeated in various forms throughout the psalms: That blessing for God’s people would not exalt their reputation but God’s reputation. The writer of Psalm 88 makes the same appeal when he asks, “Do those who are dead rise up and give you praise? Is your love declared in the grave, your faithfulness in oblivion.” In other words, the reason for God to bless us is that we might become vessels of praise to glorify his name.

You will find Psalm 115 as the latest track on our growing album – Man of Sorrows, available through the App, exclusively for subscribers.

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