Psalm 131 re-released as part of Re-Collection Album

As we began the process of writing and recording for our next studio album, we’re also going to work on a side project. Matt has often thought that some of our older Psalm renditions would suit some alternative arrangements and production, given all we’ve learned over the past 25 years.

In particular, we wanted to re-shape some of these recordings with Anna Waters taking the lead vocal. Anna has been singing as backing vocalist with the band since 2016, and is an accomplished artist in her own right.  Her artistry has seen her lead worship for nearly two decades at her home church, at various conferences and events and then, in 2016, launch her own recording career, with a string of amazing songs all pointing towards Jesus. Anna continues to sing on all Sons of Korah releases and tour with the band.

So, as we continue to write and record for our next album (yet to be named) we’re taking the opportunity to refresh and “re-imagine” some of our earlier Psalm renditions, with Anna’s beautiful voice taking the lead – giving a ‘fresh-take’ and a new voice to these age-old texts.

We’ve named this album recollection and we’ll continue to add these new renditions over time.

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