Psalm 62

Psalm 62 is an expression of faith in the face of looming adversity. The psalmist declares that, despite the serious threats facing him, he is able to rest in peace. External circumstantial trouble cannot rob us of the peace and rest of God, the Shabbat shalom. Since this peace and rest is not sourced in our circumstances, it therefore cannot be lost when our circumstances turn bad. There is therefore no difference between those who are “highborn” and “lowborn” in terms of worldly circumstances. We all are equally vulnerable and we can all become equally assured in the face of this vulnerability by trusting in God. So the psalmist, having declared his trust in God, then exhorts himself to find rest in God alone in his present circumstances. This psalm is a journey of faith beginning with a declaration of trust, a complaint about adversity, a self-exhortation followed by a general exhortation. It is a psalm designed to take all of us on that journey to rest in God and establish ourselves in a place of true unshakeable peace. 

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