Psalm 88b released as we continue to build our new album


After more than 25 years working on our Psalms project, we’ve taken a different approach to releasing our new music. Now with our Supporters APP, we’re going to release tracks as we complete them – one at a time – until we have assembled our next ‘album’.

This means those who have a quarterly paid subscription as an APP Supporter will have access to these new tracks as soon as they are completed. Over the year we expect to complete another collection of songs which will be drawn together on our new album Man of Sorrows. This is the second of these new Psalms to be released – part B of Psalm 88.

If you’re not an APP Subscriber here’s a sample of our new music for Psalm 88a.

In this section of Psalm 88, the psalmist boldly tells God what he feels and experiences – that God Himself has caused His downfall, setting him in darkness and in the depths.

It seemed that the source of the affliction was the righteous wrath of God and the psalmist has a deep sense of his own sinfulness. Even as he feels himself sinking under, he does not protest that God’s wrath was unfair.

In this place, even his former friends want nothing to do with him. Perhaps worst of all, the psalmist feels that there is no escape. Life is draining from him and if God does not respond, there seems to be no remedy.

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