Studio Sessions – Ps 128

We started off this recollection with the beautifully peaceful Psalm 128 which was originally recorded on our 2002 album Shelter.

Anna’s moving interpretation of the melody, from gentle encouragement to a soaring proclamation of the Lord’s blessing, was a tremendous inspiration for our resident string arranging genius Jared Haschek to do his thing. Creating a record from such beautiful ingredients is always a joy and leads us further into experiencing the truth and beauty God has set before us in the book of Psalms. Jared really has a way with strings, digging down deep and discovering the perfect balance of beauty and restraint to invite a listener deeper into really experiencing the scripture here – more than simply reading it.

And given that we were “re-imagining” the psalm Matt was inspired to try replacing his favourite acoustic guitar part with a slightly more ambient and spacious electric guitar. Thankfully Michael Brown, a friend of the band from their home town of Geelong, was willing to loan us a gorgeous Gretsch “Country Gentleman” to experiment with. This excellent hollow bodied guitar was a perfect segue between the acoustic guitar Matt originally wrote the part on and a fresh new expression of the song. We still kept a layer of acoustic guitar “in the mix” to help provide a steady rhythmic foundation and to help keep the flow moving in the background.

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