Studio Sessions – Psalm 130

In this re-imagining of Psalm 130 – for our reCollection album, we started with an instrumental departure straight “off the bat” by having Matt play the iconic guitar part on an electric guitar instead of an acoustic guitar. (Thanks again to friend of the band Michael Brown for the loaner!) Seeking to achieve an atmospheric or cinematic aesthetic for this track some elements of the musical arrangement are a bit more obviously synthetic (such as the classic analogue Moog synthesiser used for one of the bass parts or the chopped up, rearranged, and strongly filtered percussive loops), while others are a bit of a halfway-point (the Wurlitzer electric piano playing arpeggios throughout each chorus and the Rhodes “Piano Bass” providing the main bass part were some of the first electro-mechanical instruments developed in the mid 20th century).
Here you see our resident multi instrumentalist – Mike Follent – adding some amazing colour to this re-imagined arrangement on the Resonator Guitar.

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