Psalm 139

A brief history – 2003

Written by Matthew Jacoby – founder Sons of Korah. Rod Gear and I toured as a duo around Australia and New Zealand right up to 2003. All our tours were organized either by, or in conjunction with the Bible Society. In a way they acted as our management in each state. During that time we … Continued

01 – Beginnings

In this episode, we interview founder and leader of Sons of Korah Matthew Jacoby. Matt gives us some insight into how he became a Christian and how that led him to start a band focussed on putting music to the Psalms. The first advertised Sons of Korah gig that I remember was a night in … Continued

Psalm 115

We’re getting close to completing our next studio recording – Psalm 115. This little snippet showcases our multi-instrumentalist – Mike Follent – laying down some resonator tracks in the studio to add colour to the other instrumentation. We’re in the studio working on the final vocal tracks, mixing and then off to mastering. Once completed … Continued

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