Psalm 99

A brief history – 2007

In 2007, in addition to all the Australian and New Zealand gigs we were doing, we returned for another two tours to the USA. Toward the end of the year Jayden and Caroline decided that they would remain in the USA to live. Jayden was due to do the second USA tour and then would … Continued

The first session producing music for Psalm 110

Matthew Jacoby It’s hard to describe how a composition comes together and impossible to teach. The simplest way is to start with a musical motif (that we might stumble upon as we noodle around) and then add lyrics and develop it from there in a fairly intuitive way. In our case this process is complicated … Continued

Psalm 88c – Released

Excited to be releasing the third part of Psalm 88 (creatively named Psalm 88c) as another track for our Man of Sorrows album. The full track is now available for Subscribers in our App. Psalm 88 is often referred to as ‘the psalm of darkness’ because it appears to lack any ray of light. Many … Continued

04 – Founding Members #2

In this episode, our host DJ, interviews the third founding member of Sons of Korah – Rod Gear. Rod shares the story of how he became a musician, his early professional music career and how he came to faith in Jesus. This was all before he joined with Matt and Jason at the beginning of … Continued

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