30th Anniversary Concert Event

We’re celebrating 30 years of setting the Psalms to music with a special Anniversary Concert event in Melbourne this July. We’re gearing up for a concert event that promises to be truly unforgettable. For the very first time in our history, we will be featuring an 8-piece live string section at this special concert along … Continued

Psalm 131 re-released as part of Re-Collection Album

As we began the process of writing and recording for our next studio album, we’re also going to work on a side project. Matt has often thought that some of our older Psalm renditions would suit some alternative arrangements and production, given all we’ve learned over the past 25 years. In particular, we wanted to … Continued

Preview Psalm 119 (Nun)

Psalm 119 is the longest psalm in the Bible and also the longest chapter in the Bible. Psalm 119 is an acrostic psalm, which means it is poetically structured according to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, letters that each have their own numerical value. This section is Psalm 119: 105 – 112 and … Continued

Psalm 62 Released

As we near completion of our new studio album Man of Sorrows, we add the eighth track – Psalm 62. The full track is available to our in-app subscribers. Below is a short excerpt from this track which features Sons of Korah vocalist Anna Waters. You’ll also hear the amazing sound of the Nashville String … Continued

Psalm 110 Released

As we continue to release tracks from our new album Man of Sorrows, we’re excited to have Psalm 110 available for our App Subscribers. Here’s a short excerpt from the nearly 6 minute long full track. Psalm 110 is a psalm of great promise to the embattled people of God. Through all the turmoil of … Continued

Compilation from our Man of Sorrows album

If you’re not an in-app subscriber, we thought you might like to hear a compilation of samples from our new album Man of Sorrows. We’ve now released 7 tracks from Man of Sorrows, with 3 more in the process of being written and recorded at present. It’s been great to record our album this way, … Continued

Psalm 88c – Released

Excited to be releasing the third part of Psalm 88 (creatively named Psalm 88c) as another track for our Man of Sorrows album. The full track is now available for Subscribers in our App. Psalm 88 is often referred to as ‘the psalm of darkness’ because it appears to lack any ray of light. Many … Continued

Psalm 8 – Released

As we continue to add to our 2021 album release ‘Man of Sorrows’ here we add Psalm 8, with Anna from the band taking the lead vocal for this track. The full track is available for Subscribers in our latest album. Psalm 8 is a psalm that celebrates God’s creation. In doing so the Psalmist … Continued

Psalm 115 – next Psalm for our Man of Sorrows album.

Here’s a sample from the next Psalm for our new album Man of Sorrows, which we continue to build through our App. In this way we can release new songs as they are completed. (The full track is available to App subscribers) Psalm 115. In the midst of a world hostile to the exclusivist claims … Continued

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